A. Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited (“we” or “us”) takes your privacy seriously. This privacy policy explains why we collect data, what data we collect, how we store and transfer the data, how we use the data, as well as who we may share the data with. You specifically authorize us to collect and process data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
B. Why we collect data. We collect certain data in order to properly and adequately provide the service to you. We also collect data in order to verify your identity, and to create credit-scoring models in determining what loan options we may offer to you. We also use this data for purposes of collections and credit-reporting.
C. The data we collect. When you register for the Service, we will collect the following (but not limited to), your telephone number as well as your name, age, Bank Verification Number (BVN), email address, your user information, account information, inventory of installed applications, your image (upload, storage and use) information, transaction information and the variables derived from the above information or other contact information. We may use your inventory of installed application to assess your habit of using financial apps and for risk control purposes. We may also use your stored fingerprint saved when you launch the app. In addition, the information we collect from your images, including location data, date of creation, and other properties of the image will be reviewed when credit is granted, depending on the amount involved. With the above information, we may cross-check your identity with third parties including the person you have provided as your relationship contact. The Contact Information you provide will only be used to verify your identity and to reach you in the case of emergency, and will NOT be used for loan repayment/collection purposes. Your loan information won’t be shared with the contacts. We will also collect data from your device for our credit-scoring system. This includes information relating to your device, such as device make and model, operating system, and installed software applications. We may also collect your email and information related to device activity such as SMS logs and GPS location information. To supplement this information, we may also collect data from third parties such as credit bureaus and other financial institutions. By registering for the Service, you authorize the collection and processing of the foregoing data. All data will be upload to our server(
D. How we transfer and store data. Your personal and installed application information may be collected by our respective third-party service providers and stored in a database maintained by the designated service provider; where this is done, it will be in strict compliance with relevant financial regulations and data protection laws. The information is only used to satisfy your request on the app or to provide you with services. We will not disclose personally identifiable information to third parties, except we are compelled to for purposes of satisfying a legal or regulatory obligation. We will take all necessary steps to ensure that your data is processed, stored and transferred safely in compliance with this policy.
E. how we use the data. Your personal information is usually used for the service you have signed up for and authorized. We will not use your data for unauthorized activities.
F. Who we share data with. We may share your data with third parties in certain circumstances. We may, for example, share data with:
i. Credit bureaus, in requesting credit histories or reporting loan defaults;
ii. Collections agencies, responsible for recovering overdue loans;
iii. Government bodies and law enforcement agencies, to comply with the law;
iv. Professional advisers, to enforce or defend our legal rights; or
v. With a purchaser or seller in connection with a corporate event such as a merger, business acquisition or insolvency situation.
G. Contact information. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or other privacy issues, please reach us